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1. Casoony
1.1 What is casoony.com?
1.2 Are more persons of one household allowed to register themselves on casoony.com?
1.3 Where do I find the imprint?
1.4 Where do I find terms and privacy conditions?
1.5 Where can I logout?
2. Coony
2.1 What are Coony?
2.2 Where can I see my current account balance?
2.3 How much are 1.000.000 Coony worth?
2.4 Can I exchange Coony to other currencies?
2.5 How do I exchange Coony?
2.6 Can I get paid in Euro, too?
2.7 How do I transfer Coony?
2.8 Where can I see a list of all my transactions?
2.9 On which pages can I play with Coony?
2.10 Where can I find the latest Coony gift coupons?
3. Profile
3.1 How can I edit my profile?
3.2 How do I upload a photo to my profile?
3.3 Where can I enter information “About me”?
3.4 Are there privacy settings?
3.5 Where can I see the visitors of my profile?
3.6 Where can I see gifts which I have received from other users?
3.7 How can I see notifications?
3.8 What notifications can I see?
3.9 Can I delete my profile? How does that work?
4. Ranking system
4.1 Is there a ranking system on casoony.com?
4.2 Where can I see which rank I have at the moment?
4.3 Where do I see how many points I need to reach the next rank?
5. Other users and friends
5.1 How can I invite other friends to Casoony?
5.2 Where can I search for users?
5.3 How can I send a friend request?
5.4 Where can I see my friends?
5.5 Can I choose a favorites-list from my friends?
5.6 Where can I see which users are currently online?
5.7 Where can I see the newest users?
5.8 How can I greet someone?
5.9 How can I send someone a gift?
5.10 Where do I see if it’s a user’s birthday?
5.11 Can I send my friends private messages?
5.12 Can I send a message to more than one friend at once?
5.13 Can I block other users?
5.14 Where can I see blocked users?
6. Photo, video, comment, thread and likes
6.1 How can I like a photo, video, comment or thread?
6.2 How can I insert a photo?
6.3 Can I insert links?
6.4 How do I upload videos?
6.5 How do I insert a YouTube video?
7. Forum
7.1 What does the forum offer?
8. Flashgames/Casinogames

8.1 What flash games exist?
8.2 What slot games exist?
8.3 Where do I see the last winners of slot games?
9. Referral- / Advertiser system
9.1 Where can I see a list of all my referrals?
9.2 Can I set up a refback for my referrals?
9.3 Do I get a reward for the referrals I recruited?
9.4 Can I search for an advertiser later?
9.5 Is there a Referral purchase?
10. Advertising material
10.1 Can I set advertisements on casoony.com?
10.2 Which advertising material can I use on other pages?
10.3 Where can I find banner advertisements?
10.4 Where can I find my referral link?
10.5 Can I advertise new users per mail?
11. Specials
11.1 How can I collect awards?
11.2 What awards exist?
11.3 Where can I see which awards I’ve gathered so far?
11.4 How do I get a premium account?
11.5 Which advantages do I have with a premium account?
11.6 What features exist?
11.7 How can I buy features?
11.8 Do I receive news by E-Mail?
11.9 Can I buy shares in casoony.com?
11.10 Is there also a Lotto on casoony.com?
12. Settings
12.1 How can I change the font?
12.2 12.2 Which language can I use?
12.3 How can I change the language?
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