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The Casoony Trader

The Casoony Trader offers our users a virtual trading place to exchange Coony, Klammlose, Cuneros and Bitcoins with each other in any of the two directions.

For the transfer of Klammlose, Cuneros and Bitcoins you need a corresponding account on the relevant portals or a corresponding wallet, which can be verified and linked accordingly in "My Accounts".

The Casoony Trader can be used free of charge to exchange the desired currencies immediately.

Own offers can be placed in the trader, whereby the minimum exchange amount has an equivalent of 1,000 Coony.

In addition, a transaction fee of 1% is payable, which must be taken into account when creating an offer.

When creating your own offer, you first select the currency you want to exchange in two steps and then the currency into which you want to exchange.

The entered two currencies can also be exchanged with "Switch Trade".

Then the rate of the exchange is to be selected, finally the exchange amount is given.

With Create Offer, the exchange offer is placed into the trader.

My Offers gives you an overview of your offers and you can also cancel them, whereby the paid transaction fee is fully reimbursed with each cancellation.

The transactions for the trader can be found in your account overview under Account Transactions:

The trader only serves the purpose of using exchange offers among users, thus it can happen that there are no offers for certain exchange relations with Coony. If you are still looking for Coony, there is still the option of using deposits:

If you offer Coony, but you do not find any offers and do not want to create an offer, then you have the opportunity to exchange them with other users via the discussion board:

However, swapping in the discussion board is without liability of Casoony.com, these offers are created at your own risk, and we strongly recommend using the escrow function:

The trader is therefore the safest way to exchange different currencies and the bookings take place immediately, without any delay.

If you have any questions or have discovered a bug, immediately write a support ticket with the subject: "Trader".

If a bug is disregarded or used without writing a support ticket, you will be excluded from using Casoony, in this case any existing credit balance will expire.

We hope that the trader will be well received by you and that you will use it intensively. Please use it wisely, we accept no liability for any incorrect purchases or errors in exchange orders.

You use the trader at your own risk. Lost credit balance due to the exchange will not be replaced. The deviation from the deposit price of the Coony on Casoony and the exchange offers are related to supply and demand thereof.

Due to the legal prohibition of keeping euro account balances within the Trader on Casoony.com, there is no possibility of exchange from and into euros and there will not be any until further notice.

Sincerely your Casoony team!

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