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Help and information about Casoony

1. Casoony

1.1 What is Casoony.com
Casoony.com is the first international gambler community with the topic gambling. Equal if slot machines, roulette, poker or bingo – here you exchange views about all types of gambling. Beside the community with lots of great functions there is also a forum in which you can promote casinos, talk about casinos and exchange experiences.

1.2 Are more persons of one household allowed to register themselves on Casoony.com?
It is possible that more people of one household register themselves. In this case it can be possible that we will request a proof (if more than two people of a household register). To prevent that one can get advantages, only two people from one household can take part at the forum games at once.

1.3 Where do I find the imprint?
You can find the imprint on the bottom of the start-page in a grey beam. https://www.casoony.com/about/

1.4 Where do I find terms and privacy conditions?
You can find the terms and privacy conditions on the bottom of the start-page in a grey beam. https://www.casoony.com/terms/
1.5 Where can I logout?
In order to logout you have to press the “Logout” button in the drop-down menu.

2. Coony

2.1 What are Coony?
Coony is the currency you can earn here through activity or which you can also buy.

2.2 Where can I see my current account balance?
You can see your current account balance any time at the drop-down menu under your user name.

2.3 How much are 1.000.000 Coony worth?
To see how much the Coony are worth, always check the trader. The value of the Coony can always vary a little.

2.4 Can I exchange Coony to other currencies?
2.4 Can I exchange Coony to other currencies? https://www.casoony.com/trader/

2.5 How do I exchange Coony?
In order to exchange Coony you have to visit the trader. Here you can see the current offers. You can use one of these offers or you can place your own offer by pressing the button “Create offer” in the left column. https://www.casoony.com/trader/

2.6 How do I transfer Coony?
In order to transfer Coony to another user, choose the point “Ranking and Coony” in the drop-down menu. Here you can find the button “Coony transfer” under the blue box. After klicking this, a screen opens where you can insert the amount you want to transfer.

2.7 Where can I see a list of all my transactions?
You can see a list of all your transactions by klicking on your account balance on the drop down menu. You will find three buttons under the blue box, one with the title “Transactions”. If you click this, you will see a list of all your transactions.

2.8 On which pages can I play with Coony?
You can use Coony at the slot games on casoony.com Another opportunity where you can play with Coony are the other six Coony-pages.

2.9 Where can I find the latest Coony gift coupons?
You can find the latest gift coupons in the drop down menu under “Gift coupons”. Here you also have the possibility to create own gift coupons for other users. https://www.casoony.com/konto/coupons/


3.1 How can I edit my profile?
You can edit your profile by selecting the point “Settings” in the drop down menu. After editing your page, it is necessary to press the “Save changes” button.

3.2 How do I upload a photo to my profile?
You can upload a profile photo by clicking the purple button “Upload profile photo” on the upper right area on under “My profile”.

3.3 Where can I enter information “About me”?
You can enter information about you at any time under “About me”. Here you have to choose “About me” in the left column.

3.4 Are there privacy settings?
Yes. You can find these by clicking the point “Settings” in the drop down menu. Here you have to select “Privacy settings” in the left column. https://www.casoony.com/konto/privacy/
3.5 Where can I see the visitors of my profile?
The last five visitors of your profile are listed under “My profile” on the left column.

3.6 Where can I see gifts which I have received from other users?
The gifts you have received from other users are also listed on the left column under “My profile”.

3.7 How can I see notifications?
Notifications you receive after liking a thread are shown on the drop down menu in the box left of the envelope.

3.8 What notifications can I see?
You can see notifications to everything that concern you, for example new entries on your account, new referrals, if someone liked or commented your photo, video or comment. If you want to get notifications to a certain forum thread, you have to like this thread first.

3.9 Can I delete my profile? How does that work?
Yes, it is possible to delete a profile from Casoony.com. In order to do this, click on “Settings” in the drop down menu and scroll to the bottom of the page. On the bottom right side you can find a small button with the title “Unsubscribe my account”. It would be kind if you tell us why you want to delete your account, so that we can use your criticism positively. The deletion of your account will be done within 7 days.

4. Ranking system

4.1 Is there a ranking system on Casoony.com?
Yes, there is a ranking system on Casoony.com which rewards active users with Coony. Depending on your activity you receive a certain amount of Coony every day. Every time you reach a higher rank you also receive a bonus. But be careful: You can also loose active-points if you are inactive.

4.2 Where can I see which rank I have at the moment?
You can see your current rank under “My profile”. The rank is written in a small box on the right side next to your name.

4.3 Where do I see how many points I need to reach the next rank?
In order to see how many points you still need to reach the next rank, select the point “Ranking and Coony” in the drop down menu. Under the green beam that shows your progress you can see how many points you still need.

5. Other users and friends

5.1 How can I invite other friends to Casoony?
You have the possibility to send your friends a mail directly from Casoony. Or you can send them your referral link with which they can then register. A further possibility is to use advertising material and to share this for example on social networks. https://www.casoony.com/users/invite-friends/

5.2 Where can I search for users?
On the start page, next to the Casoony logo is a search box in which you can enter a username.

5.3 How can I send a friend request?
You can send a friend request by visiting the profile of the wished user and pressing the purple button “Add friend”.

5.4 Where can I see my friends?
You can see your friends at any time under the menu item “My friends”.

5.5 Can I choose a favorites-list from my friends?
Yes, you can select favorites from your friends. To do this, you have to visit the profile of the user and select “Save as favorite” on the left column.

5.6 Where can I see which users are currently online?
The names of the users which are online are printed in green. You can also find a list here. https://www.casoony.com/users/online-users/

5.7 Where can I see the newest users?
You can find the newest users in a file under “My friends”. https://www.casoony.com/users/new-users/

5.8 How can I greet someone?
To greet someone you must visit his profile. Here you select “… Greet… Username” on the left column.

5.9 How can I send someone a gift?
To send someone a gift you have to visit his profile. Here you can click on “Send a gift” on the left column. You now come to the gift shop, where you can select a gift from various gift topics.

5.10 Where do I see if it’s a user’s birthday?
If it’s a user’s birthday, this is shown on the right side of the start page.

5.11 Can I send my friends private messages?
You can contact every user by visiting his profile and clicking on “Send a message”. You can always find your friends on the bottom right side in a purple box named friends and choose here to whom you want to send a message.

5.12 Can I send a message to more than one friend at once?
No, unfortunately this is not possible. If you don’t mind that other users can read your messages, you can use the chat.

5.13 Can I block other users?
Yes, sure you can. In the profile of the person you want to block you can find “Block user” on the bottom of the left column.

5.14 Where can I see blocked users?
There is a blocked-list on which you can see all users you have blocked. https://www.casoony.com/konto/blocklist/

6. Photo, video, comment, thread and likes

6.1 How can I like a photo, video, comment or thread?
On the upper right side next to every photo, video, comment or thread you can find a small box which is marked with a +. If you press this + once you show that you like the content. If you press the + again, you can remove your like.

6.2 How can I insert a photo?
You can insert a photo under the input field. You can select from where you want to insert the picture. After that you just have to post it and it will be published.

6.3 Can I insert links?
Yes you can. To do this you have to press the button “Insert link” beneath the input field. Here you have to insert the link and post it afterwards.

6.4 How do I upload videos?
If you want to upload a video you can do this on the start page. You have to click on the input field where you are asked “What’s new?” Beneath this box you now can see a few symbols. In order to upload a video you have to select the second symbol, a box with an arrow. Now you only have to decide from where you want to upload the video.

6.5 How do I insert a YouTube video?
You have to click on the button with the arrow beneath the input field. Then you have to select insert YouTube video. Here you only have to insert the link/URL and post it.

7. Forum

7.1 What does the forum offer?
The forum offers you information and news about the forum, for example: Editing threads There is also an area for chats about Coony, for example: You can also exchange words about casinos: “Virtual world” you can chat about: The forum also has a “Real world” area. Topics here are:

8. Flash games / Casino games

8.1 What flash games exist?
Casoony.com offers you a wide range of flash games which you can find under “Games”. You can choose between the categories action, adventure, racing games, shooter, fighting sports, puzzle, strategy and sport for an easier overview.

8.2 What slot games exist?
At the moment Casoony.com offers a selection of 23 slots. Roulette, Alien Invasion, American Sports, Daemons world, Flaming Seven, Halloween Candy, Hunterslot, Kingdom, Just Sweets, Cool Cow , Manni Monster, Ocean Life, Power Heroes, Royal Treasure, Fairground, Starship, Steak House, Stoneage, Sunny Beach, Sweet Candy, Tropic Jungle, Wild Asian, Wild West

8.3 Where do I see the last winners of slot games?
You can see the last winners of the slots beneath the particular slot when it’s open.

9. Referral- / Advertiser system

9.1 Where can I see a list of all my referrals?
A list of all referrals you recruited can be found under “My friends”. Here you select “Invite friends”. Now you can see a list of all your referrals and the ranks they have reached.

9.2 Can I set up a refback for my referrals?
This option is not available on Casoony.com.

9.3 Do I get a reward for the referrals I recruited?
For the registration of a friend you do not get a reward. You will receive a reward if your friends climb to a higher rank. You receive 1.000.000 Coony for the 5th rank, 5.000.000 Coony for the 10th rank and 10.000.000 Coony for the 20th rank.

9.4 Can I search for an advertiser later?
No, it is not possible to change the advertiser later. It’s also not possible to insert an advertiser if you registered without one.

9.5 Is there a Referral purchase?
Yes on Casoony.com is a Referral purchase, where you can be active and buy some Referrals. But you have also the possibility to decide you for an existing offer. You can select the best offer from a list. But it is important to know, that you must perform some terms and conditions before you get the rewards. The three step looks like this: 1. Sign in to the chosen website! 2. Perform the terms and conditions! 3. Request the rewards! The award is booked onto your account as soon as the sponsor confirms your registration or latest within 48 hours automatically. https://www.casoony.com/referrals/

10. Advertising material

10.1 Can I set advertisements on Casoony.com?
Yes, you can set advertisements in different ways on Casoony.com. In the forum you can post your experiences about other Coony-pages or Klamm-pages. You can also set an own advertisement on “Coony4Refs” to make promotion for other pages. You can also make promotion for other things. For this you can for example use the thread “Small advertisements”.

10.2 Which advertising material can I use on other pages?
Here you can find advertising material to use on other pages. In the blue box you can see your referral link. If you click on the button “advertising material” on the left side you come to a page with banner advertisements. You can copy these to set advertisements on other pages.

10.3 Where can I find banner advertisements?
If you want to use a banner advertisement from Casoony.com you can find these under “My friends”. Here you have to select “Invite friends”. Beneath the blue box you can find a button “Advertising material”. You can choose between five different kinds of banners.

10.4 Where can I find my referral link?
You can find your referral link under “My friends”. Here you have to click on “Invite friends”. The link is in a blue box – you can’t miss it.

10.5 Can I advertise new users per mail?
You can send friends a mail directly from Casoony.com. To do this you have to select “My friends” and then “Invite friends”. Beneath the blue box you can find a button “E-Mail invitations”. Here you can insert the e-mail address from your friends and either send them a ready-made mail or write a mail on your own. If one of your friends registers over this mail he will automatically become your referral.

11. Specials

11.1 How can I collect awards?
As soon as you are active on Casoony.com you start to collect awards. There also is a ranking system for the awards; you will for example receive an award for 5, 10, 25, 40, 60, 80, etc. photos. These awards can be collected by every user. You will not receive a reward for further awards. The awards only show how active a user is on Casoony.com.

11.2 What awards exist?
There is a ranking system for these activities: casino games, comments, games, likes, days (which you are online), photos, profile picture, profile visitors, referrals, videos and pinboard entries.

11.3 Where can I see which awards I’ve gathered so far?
You can see the awards you’ve already gathered on “My profile” on the left column. You can find a list of all awards you can gather by clicking on your “awards” and then clicking on the “Info”-button on the top right side.

11.4 How do I get a premium account?
In order to get a premium account, click on “Ranking and Coony” in the drop-down menu. Here you can find the point “Features” where you can buy a premium account for one month to a price of 1.000.000 Coony. https://www.casoony.com/konto/features/

11.5 Which advantages do I have with a premium account?

11.6 What features exist?
As soon as you are active on Casoony.com you start to collect awards. There also is a ranking system for the awards; you will for example receive an award for 5, 10, 25, 40, 60, 80, etc. photos. These awards can be collected by every user. You will not receive a reward for further awards. The awards only show how active a user is on Casoony.com.

11.7 How can I buy features?
In order to buy a feature, you have to select “Ranking and Coony” in the drop-down menu. Here you can find the point “Features” where you are able to buy these.

11.8 Do I receive news by E-Mail?
Yes. If you want you can unsubscribe here. https://www.casoony.com/konto/notifications/

11.9 Can I buy shares in Casoony.com?
Yes you can buy shares. One share costs 100.000 Coony. You get a share dividend every 24 hours. It is every day at 0.00 AM. The amount of the dividend is subject from the day-activity of all users. If you no longer want to have your shares, you can return it for 95.000 Coony. https://www.casoony.com/account/shares/

11.10 Is there also a Lotto on Casoony.com?
Yes, on Casoony.com is a Lotto. It includes the lottery numbers from ARD and ZDF! The closing time for the Wednesday Lotto is 3 PM. The dividend is paid on Thursday around 4 PM. The deadline for Saturdays Lotto is 6 PM. The profit distribution is Sunday around 4 PM. The price for participation in the draw 6 out of 49 is 10,000 Coony. The price of the Spiel 77 and Super 6 is each 10,000 Coony. https://www.casoony.com/lotto/

12. Settings

12.1 How can I change the font?
If you want to answer to a post in a thread, you have to possibility to change your font in fat, italic or to underline it underneath the input field. You can also change your font in different colors. To do this you have to click on the four small boxes on the right.

12.2 Which language can I use?
You can choose between three different languages: English, German and Spanish.

12.3 How can I change the language?
You can change it on the start page on the bottom right side in the grey beam.
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