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Terms of Use

The provider Merico Entertainment S.A., Urbanización Montenegro, Alajuela, Costa Rica, America Central offers with its website "Casoony" an Online Fun-Casino.To use the offered content and serviced users have to stick to these terms.They also apply to content published by users ( e.g. pictures, videos, postings and comments ).
Please also notice the original terms written in german.

§1 - Registration and participation

By registering the user agrees that he has read the Terms of Use; that he understands them and that by activating the checkbox “Accept” he accepts them unconditionally.
§1.1 Registration
Participation at Casoony.com is free and is not linked to any other type of commitment. Even when there is no activity, the account will not be deleted automatically. The user is obligated to fill in all data fields completely and truthfully at registration. Participation is limited to persons aged 18 years and older. Only one account per person is allowed, which is to be used solely and exclusively by the account holder.
§1.2 Notifications
When activating the newsletter option, the user agrees to receive emails from Casoony.com in irregular intervals. This consent can be revoked any time in the user profile. In addition so called status messages will be send by email, which will inform the user about current events regarding his user profile. These messages may be disabled in the user profile as well.
§1.3 Cancellation
The user himself can cancel the account with Casoony.com any time. In this case all user data will be deleted. This excludes all content, which was posted outside of the user profile, for example in the forum. Furthermore Casoony.com expressly maintains the right to bar persons without justification from participation.
§1.4 Use
The user undertakes to use Casoony.com only within the intended scope. It is strictly prohibited to employ any type of software or other auxiliary resource on Casoony.com. In addition any exploitation of errors (bugs) is forbidden. Users, which are detected hereby, will immediately lose their account. Found errors are to be reported to us immediately.

§2 - Publication of content

We would like to point out that the user commits himself not to misuse the service, more particularly not to distribute defamatory, offensive or in any other way unlawful material or similar kinds of information over the service. This concerns above all pornographic, racist, inciting or comparable content. Furthermore the user assures to not harass other users, to threaten or to infringe the rights, - including personal rights - of third parties
§2.1 Right of use
With any post, that a user creates, he grants Casoony.com a nonexclusive, unlimited right of use for this post. This explicitly includes the right to reproduce and distribute this post within the online offerings without limitations and license free.
§2.2 Forbidden Content
Following content is strictly forbidden! The user will get banned when posting:

· content glorifying violence, radical, politically extreme, pornographic, youth-endangering and forbidden/ punishable content
· content infringing on third-party rights, especially copyright and personal rights
· FSK-/USK18 content of any kind, when trading with software or films FSK-/USK-specifications are to be declared for each product
· Reflinks, partner programs
· advertising
· begging threads, charity appeals
· offers with and concerning alcohol and cigarettes
· illegal trade in pirated copies, PaySafeCards, Google AdWords-coupons, freeware of any kind, homework assignments
· Trade with software is only permitted when inclusive of OVP and original data carrier.

§3 - Forum rules

The forum encourages the exchange of views and opinions of its users; hence a friendly conversational tone is a prerequisite to participate at any forum activities. Insults and any form of disrespect will not be tolerated. The board staff is divided into Administrators (Admins) and Moderators (Mods). Content that is not inaccordance with the rules of the forum can be deleted, moderated, moved or closed at their own discretion.
§3.1 Thread titles
Thread titles serve for better orientation within the forum and are to be chosen in accordance with the subject of the post. Superlatives, capital letters, repetitions and special characters are to be omitted.
§3.2 Duplicate postings
Duplicate postings are not permitted and will be deleted and in case of repetitions will be sanctioned accordingly. Pushen/Pushing posts – contributions; that only serve to ensure a better spot in the forum ratings are also not permitted.
§3.3 Reflinks
It is prohibited to send unsolicited reflinks per PN or any other kind of spam. Ref advertisement is only and exclusively permitted in Coony4Refs.

§4 - Coony – virtual goods

Coony are virtual points, which are allocated on Casoony.com based on activity and that may be used for certain actions. They do not constitute any real value and cannot be tended or cashed in.
§4.1 Playing with Coony
All games are tested. Should an error occur with a game, it is to be reported immediately. A screenshot needs to be taken as proof of a booking error; otherwise winnings will not be taken into account. A reimbursement of lost coony at games cannot be claimed. Winnings will be booked at the serverlevel and passed to the internal Casoony.com account. In case there were no or only false bookings carried out, the user will not have won anything, regardless of what was shown in flash or in the browser.
§4.2 Earn Coony
Casoony.com offers multiple ways to earn Coony. Every registered user has the right to participate thereby. However certain countries are excluded from bonus offerings from external web pages and consequently cannot be reimbursed on Casoony.com. Users that participate at Coony special bonus offers or other third party activities not sanctioned by Casoony.com do so at their own risk. Casoony.com does not have any influence over these bonus offers and third party activities of other external pages or other suppliers.
§4.3 Trade
Coony can be traded between members. Nevertheless it is stated that neither Casoony.com nor any of its employees will participate at such trading and neither can be held responsible for such transactions under any circumstances. Commercial trading is prohibited. The decision as to when any offering is to be considered commercial lies in the discretion of the operator.
§4.4 Ref system
Casoony.com offers a ref system. Advertisers receive a provision in form of coony, which will be reimbursed in accordance to the active ranking position of the recruited member. It is strictly forbidden to engage in any kind of spam. In case of verifiable spam the account with Casoony.com will be suspended.

§5 - Liability

§5.1 Responsibilities
Casoony.com and its employees do not accept liability for damage caused by the use of its system. Casoony.com is specifically exempt from liabilities for damages arising from manipulation with malicious intent to its users or other third parties. Any eventual losses of credits will not be reimbursed. Participation at Casoony.com is completely at one’s own risk.
§5.2 Availability
Casoony.com does not assume any guarantee for the permanent availability of its service. Nevertheless Casoony.com strives to achieve a near seamless availability within the context of its technical possibilities. Service temporarily unavailable, usually due to short-term maintenance work deemed necessary to upholding of the service and data security, is possible.

§6 - Data Privacy Protection

Privacy Policy

§7 - Amendments

Casoony.com can at any time without stating any reasons change activity bonuses, Reflevels and all other specifications on Casoony.com. Casoony.com is allowed to modify these terms at any time and without prior notice. Any changes will be announced to the members in the news or newsletter. Those members that do not accept the new terms are obligated to delete their account with Casoony.com within 14 days.

$8 - Severability clause

If one clause of these terms should be ineffective, the effectiveness of the rest of the terms is to be untouched. If a clause of these terms is ineffective only in a part, the other part keeps his validity. The parties are bound to replace the invalid clause with a valid replacement clause, which comes as close as possible to the intended economic purpose of the invalid clause.
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