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Casoony m 10 03-21-2019 16:46
Casoony m 10 03-29-2019 15:58
From today on, the gambling action of "Royal Weekend" will take place from 29.03.2019 till 31.03.2019, too.

- Friday, 29.03.2019, 6.00 PM -9.00 PM CET
- Saturday, 30.03.2019, 5.00 - 8.00 PM CET.
- Sunday, 31.03.2019, 6.00 - 9.00 PM CET DST.

Detals will be announced in time.

Only the slot machines on www.casoony.com are valid! The period of action depends on the Central European time. Each player may only participate once per promotion period. The posting of the screenshot is required to receive the bonus. You can post the corresponding winning pictures up to a maximum of 30 minutes after the total action of the day. Later postings and postings outside the promotional period will not be remunerated.
Each player can participate in 6 actions on the day from Friday to Sunday (24 bonus options per player on 3 days). In addition, coupons that are not visible and limited in number, but highly paid, will be created on the action days and posted with the profile of Casoony. (But not in the respective promotion period).
Fraud attempts will be subject to exclusion from the actions and exclusion from the community www.casoony.com .
To numerous participation in the actions is requested. The team around Casoony wishes you here a Varied Action, with decent profit opportunities, as well as a gaming experience of the extra class on www.casoony.com !
Casoony m 10 03-30-2019 15:26
Pay Attention! Change of Schedule: One hour later!

For technical reasons, the gambling action on Saturday "Chilling Games Evening" just takes place from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

edited by Casoony · 2019-03-30 15:26
Casoony m 10 04-03-2019 16:36
Hello dear users...

Unfortunately, I made a big mistake paying off the rally ... Instead of paying off, I came back to restart what has deleted the old rally stand!

Unfortunately, the rally stand is not recoverable so I can not understand now who had won how much!

I've made you a really fat coupon ... who says he still has to get something out of the rally please write a support to me, I'll check it and then book!

The new rally was filled with 5,000,000,000! : D https://www.casoony.com/promotions/casino-rallye/

I wish you lots of fun and good luck! : D

LG your Merico
KSKara w 38 12-02-2019 20:22
Hello dear Casoony
Casoony m 10 12-08-2019 09:19
Hello my dears...

We wish you a nice 2nd Advent! : D

We already have a little pre-Christmas present for you ... the Treasure Island! : D
Now you are probably wondering what this is the "Treasure Island" ?!

So the Treasure Island is a new quest addon ... you have 50 quests on your way to the treasure chest... Each quest has 3 levels of difficulty... Of course, Level 1 is always the easiest and Level 3 the hardest!
There are a lot of Coonys for you to pick up... once for each quest and each level, for the other when you have completed all 50 quests! : D
More information can be found in the Help on the Treasure Island page!
PLEASE NOTE: The addon is new, so if you notice something that does not fit or can be done better, please contact Merico or Chrisano or write a support! https://www.casoony.com/promotions/roadQuests/

There is also a very nice 5 million coupon for the 2nd Advent for you! : D https://www.casoony.com/coony/coupons/

There are also extra Coony packages for you to buy and an additional 250% deposit bonus for 2 days! : D https://www.casoony.com/coony/deposit/

We wish you lots of fun and good luck! : D

Your Casoony Team
Casoony m 10 04-14-2020 23:30
Higher bets on Zeus slots
04/14/2020 16:20

Hello my dears ...

At Zeus Slots you can now play with higher stakes! : D
If you have a Zeus slot open and go to the stake settings, you can also change the COIN VALUE!

The following settings are now possible: 0.01, 0.02, 0.05 and 0.1!

So you can play with 10 times of the maximum bet before!

I wish you continued fun and happiness!

Love your Merico

bearbeitet von Casoony · 14.04.2020 23:30
Casoony m 10 08-17-2020 10:04
Hello my dears...

You should be online this afternoon around 6 p.m. ... There will be a fat coupon for you !!!

BUT that's not all: NEW SLOTS are coming ...
What slots there will be?!
Really good slots ... HTML5 slots ... playable everywhere !!!
And how many slots there will be?
Lots of new slots ... 65 NEW HTML5 HD SLOTS !!!

And are other new games coming like roulette or blackjack or something?
YES ... there will also be 25 NEW OTHER HTML5 HD GAMES like scratch cards, blackjack, roulette, weels and much more !!!

So you have a lot of possibilities how you can use your voucher!
Be curious and see you later!

Love Merico

bearbeitet von Casoony · 17.08.2020 10:04
Merico m 47 08-18-2020 20:31

I am very happy to present you our new partner: EVOPLAY !!!

Evoplay is one of the largest and one of the best casino games providers!

Now we have 65 new HTML5 HD slots and 25 other casino HTML5 HD games !!!

You can find the new slots here: https://www.casoony.com/slotmachines/Neue-Slotmachines/
You can find the other casino games here: https://www.casoony.com/other-games/

That you can test the slots, we have given you a 5 million coupon!

Coupons: https://www.casoony.com/promotions/coupons/

We have also created some Coony packages for you!

10,000,000 Coony for only 0.99 euros
50,000,000 Coony for only 9.99 euros
100,000,000 Coony for only 16.99 euros
250,000,000 Coony for only 34.99 euros
500,000,000 Coony for only 59.99 euros
1,000,000,000 Coony for only 99.99 euros
Each package is only available once per user!
All packages not purchased will be deleted on August 31, 2020!
In addition, a 250% deposit bonus is activated until August 31, 2020!

To the packages: https://www.casoony.com/coony/deposit/

We wish you lots of fun and luck!

Greetings your Merico and the Casoony team
Casoony m 10 12-05-2020 22:21
Hello my dears,

I would like to draw your attention to the 2000 Euro Ref rally that will still run until the end of the year!
You will earn a plenty of euros if you diligently advertise referrals.
To receive the euro payment, you only need to have a PayPal account.


bearbeitet von Casoony · 05.12.2020 22:21
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