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Merico m 47 10-20-2014 20:39

Hello guys,

here you will find the information, news and actions about Poker on Casoony from time to time!

If you have a request for a special event, you may like to post here: http://www.casoony.com/board/Coonytalk/Multiplayer-POKER-on-Casoony-questions-and-wishes-402/

Have a lot of fun and good luck!

Yours, Merico

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engelchen0812 w 57 10-21-2016 23:57
how to play poker on casoony?
Merico m 47 07-24-2017 21:55

the poker have now every 2 hours a 100.000 coony freeroll!

the winners get a ticket for the 10 mio freeroll on sundays 8 pm!

so check out the poker!

greetings Merico
jivcik m 42 10-15-2018 10:31
Hello! how to do so in poker so that there are more people there ?? ((((
B2T m 57 12-05-2018 19:47
Hello all ...

the face of Poker has now changed.

The NEW regular freeroll tournament is now about 1 million of Coony. See 1 Mio FR Hold'Em NL 01 or 1 Mio FR Hold'Em NL 02.
This seems to be the return of the historical Daily 1 Million Freeroll from the past, but now for twelve times this time!

All of the former tournaments are still available, but they received a new, but shorter name. Examples are:
5 MIO Extra --> Hold'Em NL
1 Mio Heads-Up Shootout --> Hold'Em NL 06
100 Mio + 20 Euro Poker Night --> Poker Night

To guarantee the presence of players, between 19 and 21 o'clock CET, some people like me are registered in the games. This takes care that you can achieve the corresponding daily quests.
If you have questions, about that time you will therefore surely find someone.

Have Fun with the new and revitalized Poker!
B2T m 57 12-28-2018 19:50
Hello all ...

two important hints around the topic of nicknames at Casoony and at Poker.

The nickname at Poker is restricted to the length of 12 characters.

This means that the connection from Poker to Casoony is disturbed if your nickname has more than 12 characters.
- Quests on Poker are not paid even if solved.
- Rake Race points are not counted.
- Withdrawal of Coony does not work.

Please, restrict the length of your Casoony nickname to the maximum of 12 characters.

What happens to the Poker account after a change of the Casoony nickname?

Unfortunately, you will receive a new Poker account.
- Withdraw your Coony from your former account.
- Tickets and not yet counted Rake Race points are lost.
- Tournament registrations are not handed over, we therefore kindly ask you to unregister your former account from any tournament registered.

Despite of all that you can gain much fun from your new Casoony nickname!

bearbeitet von Blitz2000 · 28.12.2018 19:54
B2T m 57 01-12-2019 18:46
The prevailing participants know it already.

The Rake Race has been paid out.
Also it has been restarted running until March 1, 2019.

And in that moment, the shape of new things to come to our multi player poker becomes clear.
Stay tuned.

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B2T m 57 03-02-2019 17:53
Hello all,

The Poker Rake Race has been paid out.

Also it has been restarted running until March 31, 2019, 10 p.m. CET DST. The pot has now been prefilled by 50,000,000 Coony. Enjoy!

bearbeitet von Blitz2000 · 02.03.2019 17:57
B2T m 57 04-07-2019 01:15
For the Casoony Poker Night tournament, there are the following changes effective from today, 04/07/2019:

* Rebuy possible from 8:00 PM to 8:15 PM.
* Delay time when appearing at the poker table for registered players in minutes (No Show Minutes): only 10 left.
* Blind Level Duration in Minutes: 5.
* Break after every 60 minutes for 5 minutes. Exception: There is still the add-on break after completion of the 15 Minutes rebuy phase.

bearbeitet von Blitz2000 · 07.04.2019 01:15
Casoony m 9 10-27-2019 18:49
Hello guys ...

Today the Poker Night tournament will be awarded the last time by 10 Euros for the winner and 5 Euros in addition for the player that busts me!

I.e., from next week on, no Euros are to be won in the Poker Night!
But the 100,000,000 Coony will stay with the Poker Night at the moment!

Soon I will figure out other incentives instead to get you to play poker!

Love, Merico

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