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Public Coupons

Public Coupons

There are always public coupons on Casoony.com, which you can redeem immediately by clicking on the coupon code in the first column.

The coupons are not tied to a requirement for a deposit or an activity and are intended as a bonus for your loyalty.

There is a coupon that can be redeemed every two hours in the local currency of Coony, which enables you to receive Paid4Start-like earnings.

However, there is also a highly paid Coony coupon every week.

Free spins can sometimes be hidden behind a coupon.

Depending on the occasion and on public holidays, for example, there are of course very worthwhile Coony coupons, the remuneration of which is sometimes hidden by a special name.

Often, no separate notifications or newsletters are created when a new coupon is created. So it pays to check the coupons page regularly at Casoony.com.

If you should not find a coupon, you can send us a support message.

In any case, there is no reason to beg other users for Coony due to the diverse coupon offers, this is not permitted on Casoony in any form.

Of course you can also create public coupons yourself, for example to share your luck with other users. You can also choose that only your referrals can see and redeem the coupon.

If you have created a coupon that has not yet been completely used up, you can cancel it at any time.

There is no operator fee for creating coupons and is completely free.

Casoony assumes no liability for any errors that may occur when creating or redeeming the coupons.

Immediately after registering with Casoony, the first coupon can only be redeemed after a period of 14 days. We ask for your understanding, as we do not want to encourage you to cheat.

If you find an error, please contact support immediately. If an error is used and the support is not reported, the account can be blocked.

Any existing credit will therefore expire. A new registration is only possible after consultation with the owner of Casoony.com.

After redeeming the coupon, the coony will be credited to your account immediately and you can also use it directly on Casoony because there is no account for bonus credits on Casoony such that the coony obtained in this way do not have to be replayed.

So if you get a really big win from a coony coupon, then this is your own profit, which you can keep in full amount.

If you collect coony regularly here, you can also test the slot machines accordingly, but it is also not intended for the long-lasting or high-risk thrill, but you can also make a deposit if you have found your favorite game!

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