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Casoony is a free community where you can find friends, make money online, play fun games, poker and slots, chat in our forum, see casino rankings and advertise your online projects.

Casoony Features Earning Coony
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Casoony Community

In our community you can find friends and discuss casinos and everyday topics with other users. You can chat, upload photos and share videos, comment on posts, and mark the ones you like. You will find these and many other options here!

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Casoony Forum

Exchange thoughts about casinos, poker, roulette and other casino games with other users in our forum.

You'll find information about where the best deals are, bonus payments, freerolls and tournaments. You will find these and other answers and, of course, you can also post them!

You can also advertise Referrals for casinos or other sites here. There are special areas where you can post your pages and links! There is a private area and a games & fun corner as well!

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Casoony Chat

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In our chat you you won't just talk - there's always extra promotions and games where you can win extra Coony, lottery tips, free games and more! Check it out!

(bonus credits)

Coony are our bonus credits you receive for your activity, so if you post in the forum, upload a picture, or even chat with other users, you will get Activity Points which will be converted into Coony the next day. Every Activity Point has a value of 1,000 Coony! You can even get additional Coony with our vouchers; and there is a games forum & fun area where you can also win Coony!

You can change Coony at the Trader, or you can buy a Premium account so you can book advertisements, send gifts to other users, try your luck at the slots and roulette or try your hand at poker!

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Casoony Casino and Poker

At Casoony Casino we have poker, roulette, slots and other casino games.

Bet your Coony on our slots and try your luck! From the classics to 243 Allways Slots, we have a wide variety of slots.
Roulette and Multiplayer Poker with tournaments are also waiting for you! All our games are only playable with Coony.

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Casoony Vouchers

There are always vouchers at where not only can you earn extra Coony, but also free spins, tips for Coony Lotto or sometimes even Casoony Stocks!

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Casoony Referral Purchases

In the Ref Purchase section you can earn a few extra Coony by signing up on websites (conditions apply). Once you have met the requirements, the sponsor will give you the free Coony within 48 hours!
Do you have a website where you are looking for Referrals? You can make offers to users who register via your link! Your links can be of course from other casinos and poker sites, but also online games, PTC or other websites!

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Casoony Trader

In our Trader you can exchange your Coony to Euro or other currencies like KlammLose and Nooki.
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